Frequently Asked Questions

We are a female run, event collective with a brick and mortar boutique located in family friendly Sunset Park, Santa Monica. We offer balloons (helium / columns / garlands / arches), eco-friendly decor, host gifts, table and chair rentals, bartending services, event planning and more! We approach every day by the Lucky Duck motto: Have Fun!

Come by and visit us! You can order in person, via text or email. We have every color you can imagine with specialized color matching available. We work closely with our customers to create unique balloon garlands, arches, columns and more! Our resident Balloon Designer is Cindy Puentes.

Yes! Exact fees vary but we charge approximately $3 per mile.  Maximum radius is fifteen (15) miles of our Santa Monica, CA location. 

Because we care!  Mylar balloons, also called foil balloons, are made from plastic nylon sheets that will never biodegrade. They also cause thousands of power outages every year when they come into contact with power lines or circuit breakers.

Yes! Latex balloons are in fact made from 100% Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), which is collected from the Hevea Brasiliensis Pará rubber trees that are from sustainable Rainforest Plantations. They decompose at about the same rate as an oak leaf and recent biodegradability tests have confirmed that natural rubber balloons biodegrade to approximately 90% within 2 years, under test conditions. We also do not use any plastic ribbon or plastic in our displays or weights.

We add vinyl lettering to our balloons for that extra special touch! You can select balloon colors, styles, and add-ons like names, numbers to create a custom helium bouquet. We also offer floral decor and extra special decorations to our arches and semi-arch (garland) balloons. Just ask!

Helium bouquets and smaller balloon orders can be placed in the store or via text and filled the same day. For larger orders we request 5-7 days but we need a minimum of 72 hours to ensure every color is available for your beautiful balloon decoration. We always do our best to accommodate every order!

Yes, we offer several different styles of backdrops that can be rented as part of our balloon services. We would be happy to recommend styles of backdrops that would be best suited for your event.

Our natural rubber latex balloons are guaranteed for 18 hours with helium. Balloons are, by nature, temporary items. Although Lucky Duck uses only the finest quality balloons, some balloons will occasionally deflate sooner than expected and will also be adversely affected by the wind, rain, rough handling, heat, sunlight, and other uncontrollable factors. Beware, balloons will pop if they get too hot. Balloons oxidize, getting a velvety or matte finish. Once we leave the site, we don't return to replace popped or shrunken balloons Here are some tips in planning your event and balloon decor.

  • Keep balloons out of direct sunlight 
  • Shaded areas are best
  • Don't put the balloons outside more than 3 hours
  • Avoid dark balloons (black, navy, dark green, dark blue) because they absorb heat faster

Our organic balloon arches and semi-arches (garlands) will last from 8-21 days depending on conditions. If you can repurpose it, by all means, please do! It thrills us when we hear from clients who enjoyed their garland for weeks or used it for multiple events. Some customers report their balloons lasted for months!

Helium balloons should never be released into the air. Balloons that are released into the air cause problems for wildlife and become trash if they make it back down to the surface. When the party's over, deflate and cut balloons and any ribbon into small pieces, sealing them tightly in a bag before discarding them in the bin. Don’t let go! Pin it and Bin It. While latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, they must still be disposed of with household or commercial waste. Arches and semi-arch garlands can be popped manually and disposed of the same way.

For an additional fee we can set up your balloons in the desired location. This includes ribbons, inflating, and arranging/balloon arches and backdrops.

Our team of professionals can pick up balloons at the conclusion of your event, or you can drop them off if you prefer. We ask that all walls and back drop materials are returned within 72 hours of an event.

Yes, see our custom order form here

The Fine Print

Children under 8 years old can choke or suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep un-inflated balloons away from children and/or pets. Discard broken balloons at once. Never inhale Helium as this can cause suffocation, serious injury or death. California State Law mandates that all helium-filled balloons be weighted.